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Note: Since the corner and trigger glitches save a significant portion of time, runs using those two glitches and runs that don't use those two glitches are two separate categories.
Runs on the Playstation version:
Best European version time with large-skip glitches: Single-segment 1:50:16 by Ali 'AKA' Gordon on 2007-05-25.
Runs on the PC version:
Best time: 1:27:59 by 'MMAN' on 2013-07-11.
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Author's comments:
Firstly a Youtube playlist link for those who want it: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGnQGFTFT3nQutbSh_fzHqZLeULkKz1gR
This is a Glitchless Continuous run of Tomb Raider 1. It was recorded with FRAPs on the Good Old Games provided DOSBOX version of the game. I've actually owed this run a while in some sense, as I submitted a run in the same category before years ago but some logistical issues SDA was having at the time resulted in it getting lost after I had already deleted the source videos (although it's still available on Youtube). The screen is frozen when an FMV is playing as FRAPS can't record them properly, so it just shows frozen gameplay until they are skipped.
Thanks to everyone on Tombrunner, especially those who had done research/runs of TR1 before and pointed out improvements on a couple of levels, RisachanXxX on Youtube for pointing out an improvement in Vilcabamba, Neptune13755 on Youtube for some routes and the SDA staff and posters who supported me. I also include a special dedication to rr_carroll here, who I later found had died on the day I finished this run :( .
This is by far the quickest whole game run I've done, and only took around a month, having lots of pre-knowledge from earlier runs, some convienient time off, trying to keep consistent with playing and TR1's relative simplicity (which made equipment planning very easy) all paid off.
Despite the perception that the sequels are "the same", TR1's engine is actually quite unrefined compared to its sequels and there are various small issues that were fixed later, in particular, jumping is linked to Lara's animation and she only jumps at specific moments in the cycle, this makes on-the-fly jumps very difficult compared to the later games. Collision is also more unforgiving and it's very easy to do wall-bashes in confined areas compared to the sequels. Item pickups are slightly less forgiving too. Various moves also function slightly different compared to the sequels. There's also the lack of hotkeys (even if it's irrelevent due to the menus not taking any time in TR1). Another odd thing is that turning is faster than later games; this is a double-edged sword as it allows for tighter turns but also makes fine-tuning harder, and I actually found that keyboard controls worked better.
The glitchless category in TR1 is defined by http://www.tombrunner.net/ and the TR community in general as banning various moves that involve exploiting the engine to cut off large parts of the game, the main things relevant to TR1 that I don't use are:
Cornerbug and Flicker Motion: There are many (emphasis) ways to embed into corners in the original five TR games, the way the engine works means you "teleport" to the top of the block it is being used on (although not always; sometimes what happens is more arbitrary and random, like triggering certain things before you are supposed to). Flicker motion is a special cornerbug that allows motion while "stuck" in a ceiling.
Fence Bug, Block and Crack bug: Certain textures seams can be jumped through, allowing you to essentially go through some walls and corners.
Slope bug: A cornerbug variant that's mostly only possible in TR1; by jumping into walls at the top of a slope at the perfect angle you warp right to the top of that wall.
One thing I do exploit at times is trigger skipping, where avoiding certain triggers (sometimes just by jumping over them) allows you to not trigger enemies (which sometimes leaves them frozen) or other events, this isn't banned in general (because it would lead to an obvious slippery slope of what triggers are "required"), but variants that involve crack bugs to go through corners to skip triggers are.
I also found that saving has some odd effects on enemy AI, and I have a few segments just there to exploit the AI and make them use desired behaviours. The eggs in Atlantis are also special in that regard, but I'll get into that later on in that level's comments.
Here's a few of the general techniques I use throughout (along with various other cancels and optimised movements):
Walk-run jump: By walking before doing a running jump you can do one in about half the distance it normally takes. You cover more ground while doing this in TR1 than you do in the sequels so I use this rarely, but it does have some uses.
Weapon Drawing: There's a slight acceleration on Lara's turning before she reach full speed, drawing pistols instantly sets that speed to full, and I try and always draw guns on turns. It also has the bonus of cancelling camera views. It was also discovered at about when I reached Palace Midas that using this to turn away from switches is faster than rolling (by a tiny amount of frames), so I use it when possible from that point on, although there are a few places where rolling allows for better setups. When placing keys, doing this at the first possible frame blocks the keyhole's event from triggering unless you reenter the tile the trigger is on, so I'm careful to always wait slightly before drawing at keyholes. It's quite tempermental in general in TR1, and it just plain doesn't trigger if you draw at the wrong times.
Wall bounce: An odd relation to weapon drawing in a way; if you hit a wall at an angle (the angle determines how extreme the "bounce" is) then Lara turns much more tightly; this frequently makes it much easier to line up things, and also allows for things such as run-jump courses that would be impossible without it.
Ceiling hit: By hitting a ceiling mid-jump the distance you can fall without stumbling is increased, I use this at a lot of places and it works with both standing and running jumps.
Longest jump: Backing up and jumping off a ledge isn't actually the biggest distance you can get off a ledge, by using a specific slow setup, or using surrounding geometry (optimally) it's possible to jump off a ledge further than you normally would, which allows you to grab things that would normally be out of reach.
Expanded Grab: By grabbing at the very last frame or two (although some are a little more forgiving) before Lara puts her arms in the air on a fall you go further than you normally would, which, as with the longest jump, allows you to reach things that would normally be unreachable.
Grab Cancel: An expanded grab variant that only works in TR1 and 2; if you are doing a jump at a distance where Lara would do a large stumble but not take damage, grabbing at the last frame turns it in a small stumble that can be cancelled with a standing jump. There's also a standing jump version that is more forgiving, and geometry can also affect the difficulty (slopes tend to be easier).
Swing cancel: When swinging from a ledge in the sequels you can just let go of grab and quickly press it again to cancel the swing, this doesn't work in TR1, but there's a variant when the geometry is right where if you let go straight away and jump back up it gets cancelled out, although the geometry needed means there are few chances to use it.
Now a small crash course on movement. Running jumps are the fastest method of movement in TR1, but it's a lot more complicated than that at times and the optimal movement depends a lot on the geometry and space available. Rolling is also slightly faster than normal running, which is exploited at things like end-level points and drop-offs. Also swimming is faster than normal walking but slower than running jumps, so I stay out of water where possible when the latter can be done. Pushing blocks is faster than pulling them. Also, grabbing in the air covers more ground if the fall is a certain distance, and less if a fall is short/equal height to where you jumped from.
See www.Tombrunner.net for more information on the techniques and glitches in TR runs.
Most of my previous runs have tried to avoid segmenting as much as possible (although saving in TR2 and 3 takes three seconds, so that is desired), in TR1 menus and saving uses no time whatsoever, so I decided to fully exploit that fact to let me get everything as flawless as I can. I'm sure a Tool Assisted run or something could do some other tricks, but as far as realtime goes there are absolutely no mistakes beyond small frame losses as far as I can tell (and due to the way TR counts in whole seconds this rarely matters). It also let me do some insane things with enemy luck to evade almost every enemy in the game and use the bare minimum of medikits with risky conservation. It also let me get around some of the engine "quirks" I mentioned above. If any movement looks comparatively awkward or slow it can be assured I most likely frame-timed a bunch of alternatives and the method I used came out the fastest (not to say there aren't potentially alternatives I overlooked). Now onto the level comments, and segment-specific comments where applicable:
Caves 2:40:
Segment 1 and 2: I thought Caves was maxed out as 2:41, but then I discovered a few other route changes that allowed for another second off. Those route changes resulted in a segment as the difficulty increased a lot. My jumping course in the final area wasn't 100% what I intended but I got 2:40 anyway so it didn't matter.
City of Vilcabamba 3:31:
Segment 3 and 4: Avoiding the Wolves has always been something theoretically possible, but no one has actually done it until this run as far as I know, and, combined with other improvements, it saved enough time that I was able to come within one second of the fastest current glitched time for this level. Thanks to the fact you can snipe several of them out along the way, and a few route changes that are faster and confuse their AI slightly (along with a segment) I found it decently possible, and I even got a boost or two off them. It might be faster to run around the first pushblock rather than jump over it based on what I found in Natla's Mines, but it would only be a few frames of difference either way. I get knocked around a lot by Wolves in the trapped tunnel but I don't think it loses me any more than a few frames, especially as I thought 3:32 was the lowest I could get for this level. In the second tower I do the first swing cancel in the run.
Lost Valley 4:29:
Segment 5: This is mainly for the first bunch of enemy luck as you enter the Valley, along with a difficult jump after getting the first gear. I think the underwater pickup could have went slightly faster but it's hard to tell.
Segment 6: The fall off the bridge is very nasty, and by far the hardest bit of enemy luck in the level; the Dinosaurs love to camp right below and instantly ruin your runs. In this case I think I lost a few frames to the T-Rex but that's it. The climb to the waterfall also has some tricky jumps that have to be done with little setup. The turn to the first gear receptacle could probably be done a little better, but the loss was tiny.
Segment 7: This segment is for the last set of difficult jumps, including the first grab cancel in the run (which as mentioned above, has to be frame-perfect to work), my health status also meant the final curve jump had to be just right to not die.
Tomb of Qualopec 3:47:
Segment 8: The giant trigger skip shortcut at the start isn't used because it requires a crack bug. The Raptors are pretty much in the worse place they could be here, an important part of this segment is triggering an AI bug where an enemy walking into a dormant pushblock causes them to get stuck in the ceiling until they reach a room with a higher ceiling.
Segment 9: The Wolf pit isn't too bad due to it being easy to take two out without slowing down (I missed one here, but it didn't matter). Then it's more Raptor luck and a difficult jump that can very easily be interrupted by them.
Segment 10: There's another frame-perfect grab cancel here, and then it's even more Raptor luck and the boss fight with Larson (who is mainly nasty due to the low amount of health you have left here and he can easily pick you off while you're in the water). 3:46 is possible with ridiculous enemy luck here, but that's apparently the limit as I tried adding another segment after the grab cancel and couldn't get below 3:46 however smooth the run looked, in retrospect I probably should have went with that extra segment, but it's not too big a deal.
St Francis' Folly 7:07:
Segment 11: The Lions are the first completely unskippable non-boss enemy, and this is probably the one of the fastest kills I've managed; the period of non-shooting is typical, and actually shorter than normal as the Lions love to take the most indirect route possible. In the Gorilla room I climb up the stairs on the right because that spawns Pierre; only one instance of Pierre can exist in a map at a time (outside of the boss fight in Tihocan), so spawning him in the first room means I don't have to fight him later. The backflip to the secret can be done without stumbling but having to turn means it unlikely to make any real difference in time. The Shotgun pickup was improvised in planning this level as I didn't realise the top route was faster at first, I'm pretty sure it worked out for the better. I lost a few frames to the Crocodile but that's it (I know from my positioning that's it not as bad as it looks).
Segment 12: I came up with a new route for the tower, at worse it's about the same speed, and it feels more intuitive due to going for the switches first. After going up the stairs I grabbed too far to the right, but it makes little difference. Neptune's glitched run of this level showed me a better way to do the sword part, and I think this is the safest and fastest it can get. Sticking to the edges (that aren't metal tiles) stops you being shocked in the Thor room. Stopping on the pushblock after is intentional, as it sets up a longer jump that lets me reach the upper ledge without pulling up.
Segment 13: I didn't plan to have this segment at first, but the amount of enemy luck at the end made it necessary. The Atlas Gorilla gets in the way a lot of the time (it can even push you off on the final descent), and the Lions at the bottom can easily insta-kill with how little health you have at the bottom and they are also frequently in suboptimal positions.
Colosseum 5:17:
Segment 14: This level is mainly segmented for the jump in the middle, but more on that later, this segment is relatively straightforward, although grabbing the shimmy crack at the optimal position (which requires you to "float" the edge a little) can be troublesome and I need to not lose too much health to Pierre. When crossing the Colosseum jumping across the first gap is faster than constantly run-jumping.
Segment 15: The jump at the rocks in insanely difficult and pretty much every factor in your positioning and timing has be completely perfect for it to work without stumbling. It only saves 1-2 seconds, but that's something, and it looks pretty cool so I went with it.
Segment 16: Boulders have an exploit where pulling up on the far side of a ledge they are moving down allows you to climb up early without being crushed, this is the only place it seems to be useful though. This segment actually turned out to be pretty troublesome due to the tiny amount of health you have after the pillar room, and Pierre will kill you if he feels like it. Having zero health is less scary than it looks though as Pierre rarely bothers you after the block puzzle and your health is always so low that anything else will kill you instantly anyway. This recording did happen to have an amusingly terrifying Bat though.
Palace Midas 8:32
Segment 17: The Crocodile is the one enemy here's that completely relentless and killing it seems necessary, the Shotgun lets me do that without slowing down at all. The reverse fire room isn't too tough, although brushing the flames can be quite easy, and it saves 4-5 seconds over the "normal" way. The delay at the switch is intentional as Lara can sideflip off the switches at odd angles and this prevents that.
Segment 18: This starts with a frame perfect grab-cancel, and there's also quite a bit of enemy luck after as it's very easy to get chased into the block puzzle room by a Gorrila.
Segment 19: The pillar room is tough to get smoothly with TR1's jumping behaviour, and the lead bar room has quite a bit of enemy luck with the Gorillas, then this segment ends with two perfect grab cancels (although I found a visual setup that made the second one quite easy).
Segment 20: A relatively strightforward path to the last bar, although there are a lot of awkward confined areas that can be easy to mess up, and some more Gorilla luck at the start. It's quite a bit faster to jump across the path in the area above the first room rather than following it around. I don't land directly in the pool which loses me a few frames, and I could have rolled slightly earlier at the rubble pile at the start, but those are the only things that went wrong.
Segment 21: More enemy luck; it's really easy to get caught while pressing the first switch, and then it's a run through the Zoo to the Midas hand and back again.
Segment 22 (Includes start of Cistern): This is the first segment I add purely for enemy manipulation; without it the Gorillas always chase me into the final room while that rarely happens with this segment. At the start I turn slightly or else Lara jumps off the switch at an odd angle. Since this is so short and easy I decided to do a little of the Cistern here too, as the start is just block pushing, and I got a fortunate Rat boost.
The Cistern 6:15:
Segment 23: There's nothing overly difficult here but the amount of precision moves adds up to make this quite challenging, the roll at the first keyhole in particular is hard to get the right angle on. I got lucky with Pierre and took way less damage than usual, which worked out in the end. The Crododile pit shows an easily set up longest jump and expanded grab to skip the room. On the climb up to the water level switch two weapon drawing speedups fail to trigger, but with some testing I found this only lost me about a third of a second so I let it go.
Segment 24: This was supposed to contain the rest of the level, but then I realised the Crocodiles could be avoided with a little luck and I could save a medikit which I planned to use here (and three seconds or so as a result) due to the health I saved at Pierre, so this segment became about avoiding the Crocodiles; when getting the last key they tend to get stuck on the door and become unavoidable.
Segment 25 (Includes start of Tomb of Tihocan): This was an improvised segment after I realised I could avoid the Crocodiles. The Gorilla messes up runs a lot but the Lions tend to not be too bothersome as block-moving messes up their AI a bit. I did the start of the Tihocan here as it's just a bit of swimming.
Tomb of Tihocan 7:00:
Segment 26: The Crocodile here is a weird bugged enemy that can hurt you at various points in the level, it doesn't save time in itself, but killing it with the Shotgun saves me a ton of trouble later. The drop from the ledge at the top has some slight delays, but it seems to pretty much always fail without them and they seem to work as part of the setup. Skipping the switch also lets me skip the underwater switch too.
Segment 27: The angled jump to the alcove is very awkward, and this segment lets me do it without slowing down to position at all.
Segment 28: The Lion and Gorillas both have a high chance of messing things up here, and I wasn't able to avoid some Lion damage this time. The smooth jump path across the blocks can also be tricky.
Segment 29: The jumps between the block and the wall can be tough. I use an alternative path for the block to most runs that requires less movements but has the unfortunate effect of unleashing four rats into the room, I can snipe out a couple here but you can't take them all out and they give some trouble in the next segment (they can also mess up the last jump to the block in this one).
Segment 30: Smoothly getting the keys in the holes with two Rats and a Gorilla (this run has taught me that Gorillas are pure evil) chasing you is nightmarish. At the cave switch rolling off the edge at the right angle can potentially land you right into the tunnel you need to go but it's very hard to do and kind of theroetical. I climb out too far right at the last switch, but based on my other (slower) attempts at this segment it made almost no difference.
Segment 31: A segment for Pierre. I got very lucky and triggered a semi-rare AI bug that leaves Pierre completely helpless (although he breaks out of it a lot of the time), potentially it's faster to kill Pierre near the ledge you need to jump to, but this was by far my fastest attempt, as well as showing off the bug. I tried using the one shotgun shell on Pierre, but it's much slower, so the Crocodile was a better use.
City of Khamoon 5:18:
Segment 32: This segment is mainly to move the block at the Sphinx without the Mummy getting in the way. The movements before are also awkward as the collision on the lowered section of the Sphinx side is a bit odd and easy to get stuck on.
Segment 33: A relatively straightforward transition segment before the next super-hard jumps, there's still some things you can be caught out by though. The last jump in particular is quite far and will fail if you angle too much. The final grab position is quite important as it sets up the jump in the next segment, and the wrong position makes it much harder and near impossible to do without stumbling.
Segment 34: An extremely hard jump around the block, I wasn't going to have this segment at first but doing the next series of jumps in one go was too much.
Segment 35: The second jump around the block is pretty tough but at least has a setup that makes it relatively managable. The Panther pit involves using the geometry to set up a longest jump without having to line up up at, and this was the fastest way I found.
Segment 36: Getting stuck on the Mummy looks bad but if 5:17 is possible it needs to be pretty much frame perfect, as I had other runs with better Mummy luck with one or two tiny mistakes elsewhere and it was still 5:18, so I just went with this one. The Mummies are the single most difficult enemy in a speedrun; they are on max aggression mode all the time and there's no alternative AI modes to exploit like with the Mutants later.
Obelisk of Khamoon 5:02:
Segment 37: Another transition segment between major tricks. At the Mummy I go to the corner intentionally as it makes it's AI super passive for some reason which allows me to kill it faster (there's no reasonable way around it).
Segment 38: The first jump is tough but I had a good setup at the end of the last segment. In the stair room I do a longest jump to skip the shimmy spot; this is the fastest setup I found, although I imagine a faster setup is possible.
Segment 39: The stair climb at the start can go wrong easily, but it's not too bad to do. This has another slightly awkward Mummy dodge, but the problem here is twofold as not only do I have to reach the switch successfully and pull off the expanded jump (which is a tiny chance in itself), but also only take a couple of hits maximum from the Mummy to have enough health for the later parts. I tried many times but this was the only run that managed to fulfil both conditions.
Segment 40: Another transition segment. My swimming looks a little drunk which probably slowed me slightly (turning while underwater is extremely sensitive in TR1), but only by a few frames.
Segment 41: Another Mummy dodge, I actually got a cool boost off the Mummy in this attempt that probably gained me some time.
Segment 42: Not especially hard but too hard to put with the Mummy dodge. I save just before the end of the level here as I believe that makes the AI of the first enemies in Sanctuary of the Scion more variable.
Sanctuary of the Scion 7:37:
Segment 43 (Includes very end of Obelisk of Khamoon): More enemy luck, the Mutants are actually slightly more managable than the Mummies as their alternative attacks make them stand still, but they are still capable of going into 100% aggression mode at any moment, and these first couple are pretty much impossible to exploit if you want to run right past. Like the Mummies in Obelisk this is tough because I want to conserve health as well as just get past them.
Segment 44: This tiny segment is an enemy manipulation one that I didn't plan for; without it the flying Mutants ALWAYS chase me down to the ground floor.
Segment 45: The grounded Mutant will be constantly aggressive if you don't kill it. Then some moderately difficult platforming that can be messed up by enemies. Every enemy in this level can ruin a run with bad luck.
Segment 46: I segment both the Ankh rooms as I want to clear them without taking damage from the Centaurs, which needs a lot of luck, I also do some relatively simple platforming here.
Segment 47: A short and simple segment that was intended to be longer but had to be cut down due to more required enemy manipulation.
Segment 48: Without this segment the chance of getting through the pushblock room before the Mutants came in was zero; this gives me just enough time.
Segment 49: The second Ankh room. The jump off the pedestal might be possible in the first one too but I only found it here.
Segment 50: There are two very difficult jumps here, as the jump down the slope and the jump to the angled block both need near-perfect positioning and timing to work optimally. The grounded Mutant also likes to snipe at you.
Segment 51: The area beneath the Sphinx is relatively straightforward, but the winged Mutant likes to get in the way. Alternating between jumping and sharp turns seemed to be the fastest way to climb the giant spiral.
Segment 52 (Includes start of Natla's Mines): This segment is for placing the Scarab without killing any Mutants. All the segmenting paid off as I used one less medikit here than I expected to. I do a little of the swimming at the start of Natla's Mines.
Natla's Mines 6:09:
Segment 53: The block mazes are actually quite tricky, as, like I mentioned, TR1's collision is more unforgiving than the later games, and it's very easy to slip up. Running around the block is both faster and gives a better setup for the final jump to the elevated switch. Since I don't have guns I can't draw weapons in this level.
Segment 54: The first jumping sequence can be awkward, although I found a pretty consistent way to do it, then it's simple (you have to wait for the boulder) up until another block maze which is longer than the first.
Segment 55: This segment has a dual purpose which I cover in the next segment. At the start I exploit some badly timed triggers that allow you to go through a door that cuts out a little. Minor on Tombrunner pointed out the jump on the Pyramid, which let me cut off two seconds from this segment.
Atlantis 8:23:
Segment 56: The position of the Mutants when they hatch from eggs is entirely determined when you start this level; this is important as one Centaur has to be facing away from me to not cause lots of damage, and unfortunately it's right at the end of the level, this meant that every time I succeded on segment 55 I had to go through this level to make sure the Centaur's position was right. Thankfully it only took a couple of attempts for it to cooperate. This segment is mainly to kill the two mutants as optimally as possible. Note that Lara magically gains her pistols back here even if you didn't collect them in the last level, but it's irrelevant as I never use them again.
Segment 57: There's some luck on the way out of the first room although the Mutants tend to stay out of the way, this is pretty simple until the very end where the direct jump to the alcove with no stumble is tough.
Segment 58: Another transition segment between much harder parts. Not getting shoved a little by the winged Mutants seems impossible (at least with this save). The jump from the switch at the end looks a little like a crack bug but I'm actually just jumping over a trigger (which is all you need to do to not trigger the boulder).
Segment 59: The jump past the blue room that RadxxRyan found can be easy to mess up but is nice as it makes the Mutants much easier to avoid than earlier methods. The lava pillars room isn't overly hard, but the tight corridors can be finicky in the way the Natla's Mine block mazes are. The first weapon draw on the pillars didn't work but as I said before it loses very few frames.
Segment 60: An enemy luck segment to get past the three Mutants. This is actually simpler than I was expecting as there's almost no skill involved so you just throw yourself at it until it works, unlike other enemy luck segments that actually require some attention.
Segment 61: Jumping over the tile before the crusher avoids triggering the boulder. The crusher activates early, which makes this awkward as getting through the crusher AND killing the Mutant optimally without taking damage from it's explosion is tough. The "throne room" is pretty simple.
Segment 62: The Centaur in the room before the clone is the one that needs to come out the egg in the right position; due to my manipulation of it it's AI always acts like this. This segment is mainly for the last set of jumps in the clone room, which is very hard to setup on-the-fly with TR1's jumping.
Segment 63: A final nasty bit of enemy luck; I need to kill the Mutant without it getting in the way much (it's very rare for it to run away like this) and also hope the Centaur gets lost a bit so I don't take too much damage from it. The final cutscene is completely unskippable on PC for some reason.
The Great Pyramid 6:19:
Segment 64: The main issue with the Torso boss is that Lara frequently misses it, I found that the cause is just about any animation it does that isn't edging towards you, so I tried to keep it doing that as much as possible, although I had to stop shooting for one or two short periods (low-accuracy moments) due to how low on ammo I was. How you enter this level does affect how the boss comes out the egg like the enemies in the last level, but it's not much of a problem here.
Segment 65: Another confined block area that can be irritating to get through flawlessly, the jumps across the sloped blocks can be tricky but the rest isn't too much trouble. You can jump through the boulders but they need two medikits each.
Segment 66: This segment is to get a perfect grab on the shimmy wall, which is very hard and saves 1-2 seconds.
Segment 67: There's a slight bug triggered at the start of this segment as the dart trap where I land deactivates if you save around here. This is the final bunch of traps, which is mainly difficult due to health conservation. The boulder room can go slightly better but I only managed it once and the saving would be tiny.
Segment 68: I initially didn't skip Natla, but then I realised I had enough medikits at the end of Atlantis to do so. So I redid the end segments of Atlantis and all of The Great Pyramid and managed to improve on both runs (in Atlantis' case namely due to skipping some Uzi clips). Natla is very unpredictable and can catch you out almost anywhere. I tried to get 6:18 but it didn't seem possible so I went with this attempt because the boost Natla gives at one point looks kind of cool. The end images look pretty odd, although it doesn't mean much. Swan-diving down the slope is exactly the same speed as grabbing down it, but it looks cooler.
Technically I could have got away with one less medikit, but it's not too big a deal. In the end the final time is 1:27:26 and 1:27:59.5 when taking into account SDA's save penalty (which applies to this game due to the menu not losing you any time).

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