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Tomb Raider Studio Head Darrell Gallagher Talks To GameInformer About Moving Away From Previous TR Titles


GameInformer asks: The new game has more focus on shooting and action than previous entries, compared to their bigger focus on puzzles. Why did the team go that direction?

Darrell Gallagher: First, I don’t think we were intending to retrace Tomb Raider 1; we felt like we had to do something different and in doing that we felt more compelled by the journey she was on and being this survival adventure. That led us down the path of it being more exterior and focused on survival action and problem solving It’s very tough to do a game that is sorely based on puzzles because one person’s difficult puzzle is another person’s easy puzzle. The way Tomb Raider games were structured in the past, all of the puzzles were all on that core path and therefore balancing was very difficult to do because of catering to many different tastes in puzzles. Some people love spending an hour in one spot figuring out how to get past the puzzle. Other people hate spending an hour in one spot because they have two hours to play the game before they have to go do something else. So, we actually changed the structure in Guardian of Light, for the same reasons and that was actually the template used in many ways for this game, because we felt like it worked. Even thought there are puzzles along the core story path, they’re not necessarily the spend-an-hour-solving-them type. We wanted to make sure that the player who wants to spend longer playing through puzzles, that they were there through more optional secondary tombs, which helped to expand the game world and make it more non-linear, which we felt helped exploration. It was really trying to balance different needs and pace of individuals and give choice

GI: Where does Crystal Dynamics fall on holding true to old element of the lore, like Lara’s relationship to her father?

Gallagher: We had that conversation and it was debated a lot. We really felt that we wanted to actually make a clean cut between the past and the future. There should be enough DNA that we carry across, but we didn’t want to be bound by what happened in the past so that was a conscious decision. When she ends up finishing this game, it’s not like she ends up at the beginning of Tomb Raider 1, back from 1996. It really is a separate start, a separate branch with its own beginning and we will see where it goes from here, but we don’t feel like the two parallels of the past and present have to join up. Obviously there will have to be dotted lines to them in some way-the same character, the same franchise- but it’s not something we felt that we had to hold on to.

GI: What is your take on the character regarding where she is at the end of this game? Where do you want to see her evolve in future installments?

Gallagher: I think the most important this for me is she’s a character that isn’t fully formed. That was something that we set out to do from the beginning with this game, that she was sort of in the in-between state. Certainly she stars out very naive and ill equipped to go on this adventure, but she ends up in a place where she’s changed by the experience. I think moving forward I’d like to see the ripples from this adventure continue through her inner psyche and her character. What would that do to a person? I think that’s a good question I don’t think they’d be easily forgotten, what she’s just been through, which was a horrific and difficult circumstance, so I’d expect to see the ripples from this adventure continue through her character moving forward. I think the ability to keep her from becoming what we tried to move away from is important, which is a completely Teflon superhero. That was one of the things we tried to break the mold on this time around. I think this sort of grey area of not quite being the Tomb Raider that we knew from back in the day, but continuing to evolve, and the scars of what she’s been through being represented in her character-that’s an interesting place to start.

Excerpt from May 2013 GameInformer, issue 241, page 25

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